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Field Trial Handlers in 1890

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Field Trial Handlers in 1890

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America’s sporting press was booming in the late 1800s. And, like the sporting press of today, if featured articles on hunting, fishing, firearms, dogs and field trials. But back in the day, many sporting magazines and newspapers also included articles on everything from poultry shows to yacht races, from poetry to opera.

Here is an extract from a weekly newspaper called The Fanciers' Journal: Devoted to Dogs, Poultry, Pigeons & Pet Stock. It features a photo of two field trial handlers and their dogs. One of the dogs is named Pitti-Sing probably after one of the characters in Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta, The Mikado which opened in 1885 and was still running at the time the photo was taken.

TWO WELL-KNOWN HANDLERS. Portrait of Simon C. Bradley and Angus Cameron.
The illustration given below will introduce to many of our readers the field trial handlers, Simon C. Bradley, of Greenfield Hill, Connecticut, and the field trial winner Rowdy Rod; and Angus Cameron, of England, and the well- known field trial bitch Pitti-Sing.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 8.33.12 AM.png

The tall, handsome Bradley and Rowdy will be readily recognized at the right of the picture, while Cameron, the typical Englishman, and Pitti are on the left. The photograph from which this picture was copied was taken immediately after the closing heat in the Free-for-All of the Central Field Trials 1890, and shows handlers and dogs fresh from the field.

Mr. Bradley is as well and as favorably known to those interested in field trials as any man in this country, and is without a superior in the breaking and handling of dogs. He has a large farm and beautiful home near Greenfield Hill, Conn., where his kennels are, but he lives at Thomasville, N. C, from October 1 until the following April. Here is where he breaks his dogs. He is a thorough sportsman, and, as a writer in the American Field said of him, "a more honest and popular handler never blew a whistle."

Mr. Cameron made his first appearance last year at our field trials. He is a breaker and handler of superior ability, and he and his protege, Mr. Brailsford, made many friends while here. He handled Pitti-Sing in the Free-for-All, and ran her up to a good second, her victor, Rowdy, being without doubt the best field trial dog that ever ran.

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