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Through words and images, we are on a mission to share our passion for pointing dogs, upland hunting and sporting dog photography. 

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Lisa Trades a Canon for a Shotgun

Craig Koshyk

Lisa and I spend a lot of time in the field chasing game. For years, I carried a shotgun to put meat on the table and she carried a Canon to put photos in our picture albums. 

Lisa hunting with her Canon camera 
and good friends Cam Rice and Goose. 

Then, last February, Lisa said: "I think I'm ready to be a 'real' hunter now." So she purchased a sweet side by side at a local shop and had it fitted. When the snow melted, she learned to shoot clays out in the field...

and at the local trap and skeet club

Over the summer, she studied for her hunter's safety test and in August passed it with a grade of 100% ! And then, just two days before the season opener, Lisa got her very first hunting licence at the age of  REDACTED .

On the eve of opening day we went scouting. Near dusk, we found the perfect spot to hunt the next morning. There were tons of ducks and the Great Manitou gave us a sign that Lisa was in for a fantastic season.

And he was right. 

Soon enough, she shot her first mallard!

She cleaned it

And we paired it with the best wine in the house.
It was delicious!

And she also shot her first woodcock!

Mmmmmm.... pan seared timberdoodle
with caramelized onion compote
on toasted rosemary focaccia

And her first pheasant!

Roasted and served
with basmati rice and roasted veggies. 

And so it went.  When Lisa was not at the table enjoying dishes like these:

Snipe in broth and egg noodles

Pheasant soup with dumplings

Snipe legs on rosemary/fig/hazelnut crackers
Roast pheasant with spanakopita 

Seared magret de canard (mallard breast) 
with cherry coulis, fingerling potatoes and agugula
Our field lunches
tend to be a bit simpler

She was in the field, forest and marsh hunting...

Woodcock with Uma

Snipe and Sharptails with Henri

Ruffed grouse with Souris

Pheasants with Zeiss

Or just relaxing with the happy family.

As they say: "the couple that hunts together stays together!"

The only downside of the 2014 season is that we have far fewer hunting photos than we normally do at this time of year. But we did manage to take some. You can view them here.

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