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Blame the Victim

Craig Koshyk

Ah yes, the old "hunters abandoned the breed" screed. I thought it was dead and buried, but no. It seems that there are still people out there that believe the Weim sucks as a hunting dog because...wait for it....hunters abandoned it!

Yes indeed. Hunters ruined the hunting Weim. You know, just like the Gulf of sucks right now because all the fishermen are abandoning it!!

I've come across this blame the victim kind of thinking on several occasions. It is always the last line of defense of the non-hunting crowd who simply do not understand what a hunting dog does and why a breed's natural hunting abilities matter so much to a hunter.

So please, let's just get one thing straight about the once-great breeds of hunting dog: hunters do not abandon them. Despite their best efforts, they get washed away by massive tsunamis of piece-of-shit dogs bred to saturate the pet market. In the case of the Weim the p.o.s dogs even came dressed in freakin red riding hood costumes!

Try this: gather up a large group of very hungry and thirsty people and head down to the watering hole in your town that is always packed with hunters. You know the kind of place, it serves thick steaks, has good beer on tap, deer racks on the walls and country music on the juke box. Let's call it the "Grey Dog Tavern"

Now tell everyone in the group to go ahead and take down all the deer racks except for one (you want to keep it up as a reminder of the good old days and can dress it up with a bit of tinsel or a feather boa). Next, have them replace the beer on tap with double mocha lattes and load the juke box with Lady Gaga and/or Madonna tunes. Finally, when the whole place has been redesigned to look like a swanky hotel lobby, announce to the world that the Grey Dog Tavern is now a vegan bistro!

Ya think there'd be any hunters left in the Grey Dog Tavern? Not a chance. They would have high-tailed it down to the GSP Inn across the street or the Pudelpointer Pub around the corner where they could be with other hunters!

And if a hunter from out of town ever shows up at the Old Grey dog tavern and asks "what the hell happened to this place?" just tell him:

"Oh, hunters abandoned it! We did our best to keep them around, I mean we care deeply about 'the field'. Look, we even have a deer head on the wall right there next to the poster for the new Sex and the City Movie...have you been to see it yet? Its FABULOUS!!!