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Through words and images, we are on a mission to share our passion for pointing dogs, upland hunting and sporting dog photography. 

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Lazy no more!

Craig Koshyk

Ever wonder what happens if you stop blogging for a few months? Well, since I have not posted anything to my blog since mid...uh, never... I am now in a position to tell you that:

1. A spicy red pepper of guilt takes seed in your noggin. It eventually grows into the conviction that you are as lazy as a three-toed sloth with a dime-bag of skunk weed and a skull- bong.

2. People start emailing you wondering if you are in a coma or have joined some sort of cult. Those emails eventually morph into rumours and conspiracy theories regarding your whereabouts. In fact, even some of my most level headed friends recently came to the conclusion that I had become a scientologist cool-aid salesman waiting for the return of the Halley's comet.

Truth be told (where DID that expression come from?) it is the hunting season; that time of year when the main activities around the Koshyk household are hunting game,eating game and tapping into the wine cellar to find just the right bottle of red to go with the game we manage to bag.

So that is my excuse for not updating my blog or website recently…and I’m sticking to it. The only reason I’m actually at the keyboard today is that we got hit with a foot of snow yesterday…oh, and my ten year old truck is now on strike.

But as soon as it warms up around here (and as soon as I can duct-tape the truck back together), we will be heading out to the field once again. In the meantime, I’ll update my website and upload some videos to my new YouTube channel. Have a look, let me know what you think (please be kind).