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Calou Trottier 12/08/88 - 2/8/06

Craig Koshyk

Peacefully, in his sleep, our beautiful white cat Calou passed away today.

Calou's 9 lives were spent prancing and preening around the house. His hobbies included taking naps, dozing off, getting some shut-eye and rousing games of 40- winks. During the several minutes each day that he was awake, he enjoyed playing with his brother and fellow feline Happy (1986-2003) but did his best to avoid his canine siblings Felix, Souris and Uma. To him, dogs were far beneath cats in the grand scheme of things and were to be soundly scolded or swatted upside the head with a sharp-clawed left hook if they dared get too close.

Always a house-cat, Calou very occasionally ventured outside, once going as far as the front lawn. But only for a minute, he didn’t want to get dirt on his silky white fur. He was known for an operatic voice and a surprisingly large vocabulary. Nearly every evening, at bed-time he would sing for a minute or two just to let everyone know that all was well with the world.

In the end, after losing lives 1 through 8 in an apartment fire, tragic hair cut, close calls with the dogs, car rides to the vet and some dodgy canned tuna, Father Time finally claimed life #9. Calou died this morning 10 days short of his 18th birthday.

He was a good cat. He will be missed.