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An inch an hour. Two feet a day.

Craig Koshyk

OK. so I stole a line from a song by the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip to sum up the way things have been going for Felix over the last couple of days.

An inch an hour
Two feet a day

He seems to be making some progress. I believe his respiratory symptoms are on the wane. His eyes seem a half-sparkle brighter and he even made a super-slow-motion lap around the back yard with my shoe in his mouth playing "keep away" today.

An inch an hour
Two feet a day

But this disease is an evil monkey. Our emotions are its toys. For every glimmer of hope there seems to be a distant rumble of trouble...getting closer.

His legs are weak
His joints ache
He is dizzy, sometimes far away
If this damned thing reaches his brain..


Tomorrow WILL be a better day.


No frothing dog no cool insanity
no "rock n' roll" no christianity
makes me feel the same way
an inch an hour two feet a day
to move through night
with very little else to say
but i'm helpless less with the people
than the space